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Your cruiser doesn't have to become a slip queen for the winter. Keep her ready for a ride all year long with an Xtreme Heater


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Purchase the product and don't worry about freezing issues!

Lake Lanier northeast of Atlanta Georgia . Had a malfunction with a waterpump. Water entering the engine compartment quickly. Opened the hatch to find water splashing everywhere. I remembered I installed my 600 watt Xtreme Bildge Heater inverted. Tested with canned air and the unit worked perfectly. The unit does exactly what Xtreme advertises. Photo of the deck boat at Port Royalle marine on Lanier performing Vessel Safety Checks Coast Guard Auxiliary. Purchase the product and don't worry about freezing issues!

Chuck Kelemen

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Three Xtreme Heaters on one boat....yep, I'm a fan!!

We purchased a new boat and specified that an Xtreme heater be installed in the engine compartment to protect the single Volvo Penta D6-370 hp diesel engine and other installed equipment. It protected the boat for the entire winter in Vancouver, BC, Canada until we could take delivery in the early spring of 2011.

Since taking delivery, we've added a second Xtreme heater in the engine compartment, mounted on the quick release bracket since it was installed very close to the engine and could be in the way for certain engine work. This gives us two heaters, a 450 watt heater (the first one) and a 600 watt (the second one) heater. This will make sure we can run the boat all winter here in Seattle with no freeze damage risk. We just added another Xtreme heater in the lowest part of our V berth to keep the boat interior above freezing without running a standard electric boat space heater with a resistive coil, which is a fire hazard.

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Exceptional response to my order

Thanks again for the exceptional response to my order. It's gratifying to see that customer service is still meaningful for some firms. I am traveling for the next two weeks and needed to get the heater installed before leaving town this week. Your efforts made that possible.

Happy Thanksgiving from another satisfied Xtreme customer

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The XTREME Heater proved its worth and gave XTREME peace of mind!

In 2006 we moved our boat from GA to Knoxville, TN where we definitely needed to purchase a bilge/engine compartment heater. After doing my reaearch I chose to purchase a XTREME Heater model 300 (small). It has out performed All any Expections! For the 4 years the boat was in Knoxville TN, the temperature range during the winter months (December through March)was between the 10-30 degrees F with the lake icing over at our slip in 2009 and 2010. The XTREME Heater keep our engines from suffering any damages. Living in Atlanta and not be able to monitoring the condition of our boat on a frequent basis, the XTREME Heater proved its worth and gave XTREME peace of mind! If you love your boat you need this product when it come to protecting your investment!!

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With confidence I'm looking forward to a safe and warm 2011 winter boat season!

Winter is approaching and I want to share with you how much my "Xtreme Heater" saved my boat during 2010 winter cold snap here in Georgia. I keep my boat on the lake year round and for the first time in seven seasons I decided to buy a heater and not worry about draining the engine. Just on my dock alone there were three boats that sank where they either did not have a heater or their other brand failed them.

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